Countdown to First Birthday Party (Part 2)

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One Week Ahead

birthday balloons Countdown to First Birthday Party (Part 2)

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Shop for party supplies. If you weren’t able to shop online for the party supplies, this is the time to do it. Go to the party supplies store and buy decorations that will go with your theme. Buy the plates, paper cups, forks, and balloons.

Plan the games. Make a list of games that are appropriate for younger children. Your birthday boy may not be able to join the parlor games, but he will sure enjoy watching the guests have some fun.

Create your menu. List down the food that you plan to serve at the party. A great idea is to serve cookies as one of your party foods. You can bake (or buy) them ahead and not worry until the party day. Add food items that are easy to prepare and make ahead to minimize all the fuss and stress that you’ll probably feel as the big day comes close.

Download your playlist. Search for nursery rhymes and birthday songs and compile them in one file. That way, you can just turn on your mp3 player and leave it by itself – it will surely keep the music flowing while everybody’s having a blast.

Prepare meals ahead. Prepare freezable items, such as cake pops, lasagna, or anything that can be made ahead and frozen that is listed on your menu.

Order the cake and food. That is, if you are not preparing them.

2 Days Ahead

Make that call. Chase up RSVPs that are left out.

Shop more. Buy any items left on your shopping list. Make sure to complete your supplies for decorations, food, drinks, utensils, etc.

If you are baking the cake, do it now. You may freeze it overnight and ice it in the morning.
Whip up the salad dressing,if you are serving one.

Charge the batteries. Make sure your camera/video camera batteries are charged before the big event.

To light it up. Make sure you have the birthday candle and matches stashed safely, but don’t forget where you hide them!

Ask for help. Write specific instructions for your designated help. It could be a special tasks that he or she is going to do to make the party more special.

Decorate the party venue. You can do this just after dinner or before going to bed,

Party Day!

Preparation and more preparation. If you are making sandwiches, prepare them in the morning. Place the sandwiches in a serving basket and cover them with tea cloth to keep them fresh. Slice fruits and veggies for desserts and salads.

Pick up cake/food. Pick them up in the morning and don’t risk rushing to do them a couple of hours before the party starts.

Keep valuables and breakables out of reach. Better to be safe than sorry.

Set the table. Make sure the food and drinks are ready and everything is set.

Enjoy! It’s your baby’s first birthday, you both deserve to celebrate!

Countdown to First Birthday Party (Part 1)

When planning for your child’s first birthday party (or any other birthday party in that matter), it is a good idea to keep things organized and planned. Doing this will minimize your stress and can even lessen your expenses.

Planning Ahead Can Definitely Help Make a Party Work

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Your baby might not be old enough to help you decide what he wants for his party, but it doesn’t mean it will lessen the fun. You can give your baby and your guests an unforgettable party that they will surely enjoy. In this article, we have created a plan, which you will start month from your baby’s birthday party. Nevertheless, it is crucial to consider what your baby would feel, as he is yet to turn a year old and may not enjoy an overly fussy party.

1 Month Ahead

Doing some party-related things 1 month ahead won’t make you a mommy party-zilla. You are just making things easier for yourself. Here are some things that you can do 4 weeks from your baby’s big bash:
Create your guest list. Don’t make it big and be sure to invite only those who are close to you and the family. You may consider inviting the whole town (and half of your aerobics class) but remember that it is not your party. And your baby might get too overwhelmed if he is gonna “entertain” a huge set of guests.

Decide on the party theme. It is never too early to seek for theme suggestions so you can start early looking for suppliers, as well.

Choose your baby’s party place. Make sure to have it in a place that won’t cause you to stress out. If it is possible to hold the party at home, then do it. It may be more convenient for you rather than cart all the supplies from your home to the venue.

Rally the troops. Ask your sister,cousins, or close friends for help. Some help will do you good and keep your sanity intact.

Post the invites. Buy/make and post the invitations 4 weeks before the party. This will give your guests more time to touch up their schedule.

Two Weeks Ahead

Shop Online. Or window shop online. See if you can buy your supplies for decorations from online stores and compare prices. If you find what you are looking for – and think that they are worth the price – then hit the checkout button! This will save you time and effort, but make sure that the items will arrive no more than 1 week before the event.


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First Birthday Party Money-Saving Tips

balloons2 First Birthday Party Money Saving TipsYour child is celebrating his first birthday and you are planning to throw a party. In these economically-challenged times, how are we able to throw a great 1st birthday bash and save some money at the same time?

How to Have a Party in a Budget

A child’s first birthday can still be entertaining even if you are in a budget. Here are some tips to help you save money while celebrating your child’s first birthday:

Choose an Inexpensive Venue

The best way to save money on venue is to hold your party at home. But, what if your flat is not big enough to accommodate even the smallest party crowd? Try looking for unconventional places to hold a party – party venues can be really pricey – like church halls, community centres, and school halls. A public park can be a great place to gather your family and friends for your kid’s 1st birthday, but see first if the weather is dry or warm enough for an outdoor party like that.

Prepare Your Own Food

A catered party may sound convenient, but it is definitely not cheap. Preparing easy but inexpensive party food can help you save on food cost. Biscuits and muffins can be great party food for little kids. For adults, you can pop a kilo or two of chicken wings in the oven and toss some salad greens together for a quick fix.

Another great way to save on food cost is to hold your kid’s first birthday party at teatime, so parents won’t expect that much food to be served. If you are inviting only your close friends and family, you can ask them to bring their “specialty dish” for a low-cost, stress-free potluck.

1st birthday cake First Birthday Party Money Saving TipsCost-Cutting on Birthday Cake

Every birthday, regardless of the budget, needs a cake. Fortunately, you can but cute, but affordable cakes for your kid’s 1st birthday party. Where? At grocery stores! Tesco and Sainsbury offer very affordable birthday cakes that are certified crowd-pleasers. There you can find £6 small cakes or even large ones for only £15 more or less. Compared to specialty shop cakes that could cost you over £50, these grocery store cakes are really affordable and great-tasting, too.

If you can bake (wow!), then good for you! A home-baked cake could only cost you about £3 or so, not to mention that it would surely taste better than any store-bought variety.

Be More Creative

You don’t need to buy expensive fancy dresses just to make your one-year-old looking festive on his/her birthday party. If you are a little more creative, why not create your own kid’s costume? Or, if you are not that adept in sewing, then just make your own decorations. Ask your close friends and relatives to help you blow up store-bought balloons and cut up flaglets. You can mount all these on windows and walls and make the venue more festive.

First birthday party 195x300 1st Birthday Party Tips   How to Keep Your Sanity When Hosting a Birthday PartySo, your baby is gonna be 1 year old! Congratulations! Soon, he will be talking and walking; and before you know it, he’ll be all grown up. That is why most parents want to celebrate their kids’ birthdays while they are, well, still kids. And your kiddo’s first birthday should never be missed; you should have a party!

Stress-Free 1st Birthday Party Tips

Regardless of how do you want the party to be, hosting a celebration can be rather stressful. To help you deal with the planning, here are some tips that you may find useful:

Keep the Party Small

Keep in mind that one-year-olds are somehow oblivious and do not mind whatever it is that’s happening around them. Not unless, of course, if it totally concerns them. Unlike the birthday parties you see on US series Toddlers and Tiaras, a party for a 1-year old baby should not be that huge. A child as young as yours might still become overwhelmed by huge crowds and noise; and it is very possible that he won’t even remember his or her 1st birthday celebration at all. So, better yet, save the huge party for later.

Consider Naptime

Most babies that age (yes, including you 1-year-old) take naps in the morning and the afternoon. Try to work a party schedule hat goes well with your child’s naptime. You might want to set a party time limit, since a child that young can get bored easily.

Have a Budget and Stay Within It

According to a study conducted by Children England dot org, over 45% of parents spend about £100 for a birthday party, while 34% of parents usually spend within the range of £80 to up to £500 for a single birthday celebration. Whatever your budget is, do your best to stay within the range to not to spend excessively.

Try Hosting in other Locations

Although your home may be the most economical choice for your kid’s first birthday party, it does not mean that it is the best thing to do. If your home or flat is too small, hosting a number of guests at a time might be impossible. See other venue options around the neighbourhood, such as the community centre, public park, or club house. A zoo or a child-friendly restaurant can be a fitting location, too. Nevertheless, remember that you have to stick on your budget, so check for fees first.

Plan a Simple Menu

Keep away from further stressing yourself by planning a simple menu for your kid’s birthday party celebration. Simple, easy-to-whip dishes, such as Scotch eggs, sausage rolls, cupcakes, and mini burgers. For adults, you can make a pasta or salad dish ahead to make it more convenient for you. If the budget permits, you can order from your favourite restaurant for a couple of trays of finger foods. You can also offer store-bought biscuits served on a tray for the small children to enjoy.

Relax and Enjoy

Of course, since most of your guests are kids, expect a number of child-related issues to come like spilled drinks, small accidents, and crying babies. Nonetheless, you should not fret. Breathe and relax. Birthday parties should be fun and not stressful. Enjoy your little ones while they are young.

It’s your baby’s first birthday and of course, you need to celebrate! You want to make this important occasion special and you want to make sure that the event will be as wonderful and memorable for him, as well for the rest of the family, and the guests, as well. For a guaranteed top-notch celebration, here are some do’s and don’ts to guide you through the perfect 1st birthday party.


Do keep the party as simple as possible. Since your child is only a year old, it is less likely that he might have his own idea what the party is about. Nevertheless, he will surely enjoy the event regardless of the occasion. So, to save yourself from hassle, keep from making the party too complicated.

 Top Do’s and Don’ts For Your Child’s 1st Birthday Party

don’t forget the cake!

Do make the celebration short. Remember, your child is only a year old and most often than not, one-year-olds can easily get bored. So, to avoid unwanted tantrums and crying spells, try to make the party no longer than 2 hours.

Do schedule the party after your baby’s afternoon nap. This way, your baby would be less tired while partying.

Do have your party at home. If it is possible, have the party held at a place where your child feels most comfortable and secured, and in this case, it’s your own home.

Do serve finger foods, which are not very challenging to eat, especially for the young guests. And don’t forget to have cupcakes, as well.

Do be wary of potential dangers. Remember, there are lots of kids (and adults, too) that can be all over your baby. So, make sure your party venue is safe and free of hazards.

Do make a scrapbook full of photos taken throughout the event. Never forget to take photos of the cake, decor, guests, and the celebrator himself. This compilation of memories will be a great gift to give your kid in the future.


Don’t bother to find the perfect party theme for the event. A one-year-old kid won’t even notice whatever theme you use for his birthday, so to save your energy, get one that is the easiest.

Don’t invite a lot of people. Your baby may find too many people gathered in a room overwhelming. It is best to invite only your family and closest relatives, plus a few of your closest friends to the celebration.

Don’t forget to take photos. Moreover, do not fail to remember to charge your camera batteries. Photos will be the only thing that can make your baby realize that he once had a party for his 1st birthday. Plus, your family (especially the grandparents) will surely be asking for copies of photos, so better be ready!

Making your baby’s first birthday party enjoyable should never drain your energy and resources. He’s one, after all, and he won’t even know what the party is actually about. Just keep the 1st birthday party simple and pretty soon, you’ll be overwhelmed with the over-the-top requests for his coming celebrations.

Have you ever thought of the games for your kid’s first birthday celebration? This may seem pretty tough to think about but entertaining kids could be just as easy as entertaining grown ups.

If the party theme is a certain character like Disney or Barney, you can play some dance songs from those cartoon shows. You can ask one toddler to lead the dancing and the rest of the little ones will definitely follow. You can introduce to the kids the leader of the dance floor and ask them to follow the leader. Whoever imitates best will bag a price. It can be a stuffed toy of a Disney cartoon character or Barney or whatever your theme is.

 Party Game Ideas for Your Kids 1st Birthday Celebration

party game

You don’t expect kids to be tidy when it’s a party so why don’t you plan for a ‘filling and emptying game’. You would need little buckets and shovels. You can use either sands or little stones. You can designate two places as the ‘Filling’ station and the ‘Emptying’ station. You will ask the kids to form a line with the buckets in hand and when they hear the ‘Go’ signal, they will start filling the bucket and using another signal, they will empty it in the other designated place. The little one who was fast enough to finish first will get a price. This will test your little angel’s ability to walk and run.

Your party games can be educational, too. You can pick out a huge book with pictures of animals. At the flip of a page, when the kid sees a certain animal, they will make the appropriate sound for that certain animal. Whoever gives the loudest moo, meow or oink will get the bag of goodies. The parents can also help out when the kids do not seem to be familiar with the animal. This will not only generate laughter but a jungle of sounds as well.

If your little ones are becoming rowdy, you can start a ‘Chase the Color’ or ‘Find the Letter’. This is a race which you can play with your kids. You have to do this at least two or three hours after they’ve eaten. You can clear a certain portion of the birthday venue. Then, place rubber floor mats. There are floor mats which has letters or colors on it. If you have some toddler guests, you can ask them to find the color as you announce them. You may also announce a letter, then, the kids will run to that letter. Whoever gets there first will win a loot bag.

You can also modify this with a ‘Crawl and Chase’. This time the race will involve a certain stuffed toy which the kids will chase after. The parents can join the little ones. You can all start in a crawling position, you birthday boy or girl will definitely practice his or her crawling prowess.

These party games will be good for your little ones to enjoy. They will surely look forward to another birthday party next year.

Party Invitations for 1st Birthday

An appropriate theme for your kid’s first birthday party should come along with a good party invitation. It must coincide with each other. And of course, it must be something light and fun for your little darling.

Invitation Ideas

Party invitations should state the name of the birthday celebrant, the venue and the time. You may also specify the theme of the party so that the invited guests can plan ahead of time as to what they will be wearing for the event. You must also indicate a contact number so that the invited guest can call if they will be attending or not. They can also contact you for the directions to go to the venue. Usually, this is listed in the R.S.V.P section of your invitation.

895748 Party Invitations for 1st Birthday

an example of invitation for 1st birthday party

If you are planning to do the party invitations on your own, you may add a personal touch to it. You may use an invitation lay-out which is easy on the eye. Pastel colors such as baby blue or baby pink, as the case maybe, would be good choices for the invitation cards. These shades should be the color of the party balloons too. Or it should be the color of the table covers or chair covers. The rule of the thumb is to choose one dominant color for the party. There are even instances when the color of the party invitations determines what color of clothing the guest kids should wear during the party. So, take an extra effort to be consistent on your baby’s first birthday motif.

Your kid’s party invitation should come with a playful design. Most often there are balloon pictures or paper planes. There are invitations which are designed with three-dimensional trimmings. These are also good as a party keepsake.

There are also cool party invitations to choose from. If you have allotted enough funds for your invitation cards, you can hand it to the experts. Some printing shops would print out baby pictures in a calendar and this would serve as a party invitation. Some would even have it in a mug or little shirts. Still, other creative invitations are done in forms of key chains or bag tags. The venue and date details are also indicated in these little trinkets. These will not only serve as party invitations but these are also fashionable and trendy items, which the guests can use after the party.

If you have friends and relatives who are living across the miles, then you can send them invitations by mail with your baby’s picture as the stamp. You can also watermark your baby’s picture outside the envelope. Since technology is already up and running, you can send a one-minute video invitation for your party and send them via email or through social networks.

For sure, these unique ideas will definitely amaze your invited friends and relatives. And these modern party invitations will amuse them. They won’t hesitate in attending your baby’s first birthday.

A Fun First Birthday Party

Parents could be really frantic about their child’s first birthday party. This is a very significant event, which every parents should prepare for. But of course, the real challenge in preparing for this occasion is to make it fun for the rowdy kids. Whether you are a parent, an aunt, sister or an event organizer of any first birthday party, you need to knock off some ideas in order for you to get started.

It may be a great overhaul to come up with a theme for a baby’s first year. Here are some great tips which you can emulate:

 A Fun First Birthday PartyFirst, plan ahead of time as to what you would want to experience for your little boy or little girl. Of course, the birthday celebrant is not yet aware of what is happening around him but say, four to six years after, he or she will see pictures of his or her first birthday. You would want your kid to enjoy seeing his or her birthday party.

Second, make sure that the theme is light and engaging. Most first birthday parties are themed with popular cartoon characters. If it’s a boy, most parties would generally have dominant red, blue, brown or green colors in the venue. For girls, you can choose to have pink, yellow or orange shades. You can also be exquisite with a purple or light violet theme for your little girl.

Third, calculate the number of guests and if possible, have a list of those who will be attending. It is a reality that for kid’s parties, parents or elder siblings would tag along. Consider the presence of chaperones when you make your head count. Take into account the food sensitivity of your guests. If you are going to invite a vegetarian, consider adding a vegan dish to your menu or if you’re going to invite your kid’s grandparents, make sure that they have something they can appreciate.

Fourth, visualize the place where you will be hosting the event. You must also remember that kids could be rowdy in any party that’s why you have to ensure that your venue is safe for kids to play around. Check the edges of the tables and chairs which will be used. If they have some sharp scrap, have them rubberized, even temporarily, so that kids are protected once they stumble upon those furniture.

Fifth, make a play place for the kids to enjoy. If you decide to hire a clown to entertain the kids, then, it would be a brilliant for the kids to gather in a special portion of the venue. If you plan to do the party at home, you can have the magic tricks done at the lawn. Ensure that you have rubber matting though. If you want to keep it simple without the clown, you can ask some help from family members or friends to make an improvised play pen for the kids. You can also have some parlor games which the kids can participate on and you can prepare gift bags for them as a prize.

Having a kid’s party is fun yet it could be stressful at times. However, if you have a good plan and a very helpful team with you, you will surely be stress-free in this momentous first birthday party for your little angel.